Human Exceptionalism

That “Tricky” Missouri Amendment 2

Missouri voters are being treated to what may be the most expensive initiative campaign in the state’s history–almost all from out the wallet of one man, financier James Stowers. There is no question that Stowers has done some wonderful things for MO. But now, he wants something for that man who already has everything: His very own constitutional amendment legalizing human cloning research. And the Yes on 2 campaign has too little respect for the Show Me State’s voters to tell them the truth.

So that task now falls to the opponents, such as Missourians Against Human Cloning. Opponents are being way outspent, not having a campaign sugar daddy. But they are keeping the yes vote on the Amendment close to the 50% approval rating, down from above 60 earlier in the year. And so it’s tough but the game is definitely afoot.

For those interested, a new Web site has just entered cyberspace that describes the mendacious aspects of that “Tricky” Amendment 2.

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