Human Exceptionalism

Trump, Hillary, and Bioethics

I have been asked what I think the US election means to bioethics. A lot and not much. Here’s how I put it in an interview in BioEdge:

BioEdge: You can’t escape without a question about the US presidential election. Which of the presumptive nominees is more likely to wind back the “culture of death”?

Smith: None of the above, I’m afraid. If Hillary Clinton becomes president she will accelerate current trends with great gusto, not only in the USA but internationally. I don’t think Donald Trump has thought—or much cares about—bioethical issues, and I am under no illusion that he will grapple with bioethics in any fundamental manner.

However the election turns out, for issues I care most about, winter is coming. It’s just a matter of how cold that winter will be and how well we can insulate ourselves against the chill.

Beyond that, I’ll comment on any specific proposals or comments from either candidate as they unfold.


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