Human Exceptionalism

UCLA Obtains Restraining Order to Protect Researchers

This shouldn’t be necessary–and it isn’t enough–but the Animal Liberation Front and others have been enjoined from coming within 50 feet or researchers’ homes and from otherwise intimidating and harassing them. Of course, that will make no difference to the fanatics. From the story:

Two of the groups (the Animal Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Brigade) are clandestine organizations that regularly break the law,” Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a trauma surgeon and press officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, told City News Service. “The Animal Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Brigade neither care nor know about the restraining order.”

Vlasak is only half right: They do know but they do not care. Why? In my view ALF-type animal rights fanaticism is not about animals at all. That is merely a pretext. The actual agendas are naked nihilism, the urge to destroy and tear down, and negativism for the sheer thrill of it. When one’s countenance is so darkened, the rule of law and common decency to one’s fellow humans mean nothing.