Human Exceptionalism

UCSF to Try Human Cloning

A few years ago UCSF tried to clone human life and failed. This story indicates that they are going to give it another try.

One of the reasons I posted the link is that the misleading headline aside (eggs are not cloned, cloning creates embryos), the reportage by Chronicle science writer Carl Hall actually gets the science right, e.g., human SCNT creates cloned human embryos.

This is now admitted in CA, since a constitutional right to clone has become part of the state constitution. But during the campaign over Proposition 71, proponents sued the opposition when it claimed that the measure would create a constitutional right to do human cloning and fund the experiments. That lawsuit was thrown out of court.

Similarly, today in Missouri, proponents of that state’s cloning legalization initiative claim that SCNT isn’t cloning and that no embryo is created. (What is it, chopped liver?) Such disingenuous advocacy is parroted by the biased media, which also uses the term “early stem cells” in place of “embryonic stem cells” as propounded by the pro-cloning forces.

But this story admits that cloning creates a human embryo. Now, if we can only get the Kansas City Star to read it and report accurately from now on. As if!