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Want to be Popular With the Mainstream Media? Just Advocate Infanticide

Peter Singer is the most popular bioethicist around for the “in crowd” of the MSM.  The New York Times loves him, often offering him its coveted pages within which to engage in punditry, for example in support of medically mutilating a profound disabled girl so she wouldn’t mature. Ditto, the LA Times which let him push infanticide in its pages.  And now CNN brought him in has a health care expert. From the story:

This morning, CNN’s American Morning tried to explain health-care rationing. Their guest? Princeton ethicist Peter Singer. The network failed to mention anything about Singer’s extremely controversial background as a euthanasia advocate who defines “person” in such a way as to exclude newborn infants and others — such as elderly dementia patients — who lack self-awareness and the ability to make plans.  The network promised a response to The Examiner”s inquiries, but finally offered a “no comment” this afternoon.

Of course, Singer has explicitly called for health care rationing. The MSM has sure shown its colors: Disdain town hallers as Astro Turfers, while embracing a man who argues parents should be able to kill babies that don’t serve their interests and that people with dementia aren’t persons.  But I think it goes beyond policy to style. MSMers fancy themselves as members of the intelligentsia, and if anyone epitomizes that sector–and why it has become so dangerous–it is Peter Singer.