Human Exceptionalism

In Which I “Praise Dead White Men”

An important corollary of human exceptionalism demands universal human equality. Lately, as we finally seem close to slaying the horrible racist beast, we have seen an unjustified assault on the value of Caucasoids of the XY chromosome persuasion. I protest over at my biweekly column at First Things. Some of it is about faith, but I think this is germane to our discussions here. From, “In Praise of Dead White Men:”

Recall that white men issued the Declaration of Independence’s “self-evident” assertion of universal equality. Three hundred thousand white Union soldiers gave their lives to free the slaves. Having been convinced of the sheer moral righteousness of the Suffragette cause, white men amended the Constitution to grant women the franchise. White men also risked their safety, and sometimes shed their blood, in solidarity with people of color to bring down Jim Crow. In short, but for the acquiescence of—and societal reform by—white men, we wouldn’t have reached the current better day in which an African American was twice elected president and the current female Secretary of State is his heiress apparent.To be sure, I am not at all pleased with many contemporary political and cultural trends. I believe too many conflate liberty with license and fear that some want to replace true equality with new categorically invidious divisions. Indeed, I worry that our society is in danger of turning away from Martin Luther King Jr.’s content-of-our-character Promised Land just when we have nearly reached the destination.

Anti white is as bad as anti black. Time to throw it all in the trash and get on with life.


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