Human Exceptionalism

While I Am Off the Grid, Compare Your Views With Gallup Poll On Moral Issues

It has been a very productive twelve months: Two international speaking trips, three if you include Canada. Many other presentations around the country.  A book published.  Scores of media interviews.  Writing articles. Blogging. Etc.

Frankly, I am out of gas.  So, I am going off the grid for a few days rest–back Monday at the latest–where there is no broadband. (Stop me before I blog again!)  Then, later this month, Secondhand Smokette and I are going to Wyoming to play.  Yee ha!

But let it not be said that I didn’t leave my valued SHSers something to chew on.  The annual Gallup Poll is out measuring how Americans view various moral and ethical issues.  Here’s a list of those that are of concern to Secondhand SmokeFrom the poll:

Morally Acceptable versus Morally Wrong

Assisted Suicide: Morally Acceptable 46%, Morally Wrong 46%

Abortion:                      38% – 50%

Wearing Fur:               60% – 35%

Animal Research:     50% – 34%

ESCR:                             59% – 32%

Cloning Animals        31% – 63%

Suicide:                         15% – 77%

Cloning Humans        09% – 88%

Of course, this isn’t the same as stating what should be legal or against the law.

Still, I am heartened by the assisted suicide support being under 50%, not surprised by the larger number of people that think abortion is immoral, since that tracks with recent polling elsewhere, and dismayed that 34% think testing on animals is morally wrong.  I am not happy, but not surprised, by the ESCR margin, and doubt the 9% support for human cloning includes therapeutic cloning–people are thinking of cloned babies  with that question (although past polls have shown that majorities oppose human cloning for medical research but not by such a wide margin).

What do you think of the poll?  Please, only comment on the issues that are germane here, as listed above. Thanks.

Well, time to head out.  But don’t worry: I’ll be back!