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Wildcat Suicide School in Europe

Euthanasia activists are mounting a two-front pro-suicide offensive. First are the legalizers, those who seek to open the door to doctors (or others) legally assisting suicide/administering euthanasia for some–the terminally ill, seriously disabled, chronically ill, and/or mentally ill. They often pretend that suicide isn’t suicide, by calling it “aid in dying.”

Then, there are the wildcatters (let’s call them)–led by Philip Nitschke and Derek Humphry–who basically believe that suicide is an absolute autonomy right. The wildcatters teach how-to-commit-suicide classes, sell suicide devices–with some attending the suicides of people they have “counseled” as supporting witnesses” to self destruction.

The legalizers and wildcatters are really two sides of the same coin since both lead to the same ultimate place–the acceptance of suicide/euthanasia as a routine answer to the problems of human suffering, despair, or boredom. And the wildcatters serve the legalizers by letting them pose as the “reasonable center.”

Wildcatters demonstrate that no matter how loose the assisted suicide/euthanasia laws and practices become, it is never enough. Thus Exit Europe–a part of Philip Nitschke’s Exit International–is going to present how-to-commit suicide classes in Amsterdam (!) among other European sites. From its advertising material:

Exit Europe “Nitro & Nembutal” Workshops:

MaxDog Nitrogen arrives in Europe

  • See how the MaxDog system can provide a peaceful, reliable death that is uniquely undetectable

Testing the Purity of Powder & Liquid Nembutal to Ensure Potency

  • Laboratory testing using immuno-assay, melting point, water absorption & micro-titration techniques
  • Demonstration of the new Exit Home ‘Dilution Purity Test’ for Quantitative Testing

How to Obtain the best end of life drug – Nembutal

  • Sterile veterinary grade liquid from Mexico & South America
  • Pharmaceutical grade from the US
  • Chinese powdered Nembutal on the Internet

People die because of these ghouls. And in the Netherlands, if doctors believe the patient isn’t qualified for euthanasia–an-ever-shrinking category in that death culture–they are permitted to refer their patients to “how to” seminars like this. Paint me utterly disgusted.

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