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Headed to the White House

I’m back in Washington.

Later this afternoon, I’ll be heading over to the White House to sit down with President Bush. Charles Krauthammer, Byron York, and a few others will meet in the West Wing to interview the President. It’ll all be on the record.

I plan to ask the President about Grover Cleveland’s veto strategy should the Dems win control November 7th. I’m sure we’ll also discuss the situation in Iraq, the midterms and the economy as well.

We’ll be doing Kudlow & Company live from the nation’s capital tonight.

It’s coming down to the wire folks – less than two weeks left till the day of reckoning for Dems and Republicans’

Larry Kudlow — Larry Kudlow is the author of JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity, written with Brian Domitrovic.

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