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At the request of my friends at the Mercatus Center, here is some policy issues that need the most attention during the remainder of 2006:

The economy is still in good shape, but some of the key economic/policy issues are:

Under Hank Paulson — the fate of the dollar. It should appreciate, not depreciate. There is an outside chance Paulson will pursue tax reform, with the principle that income should be taxed only once. The system should be fairer and flatter. The Republican Congress should be curtailing budget earmarks and tight spending policies in order to get re-elected.

Immigration is controversial, but a recent poll by Ed Goeas of Torrance shows that 70 percent of registered Republicans want a comprehensive, balanced plan with border security, temporary workers, and ultimately legalization. I agree with this approach.

On energy, Congress is taking steps to permit off-shore drilling, which is very positive. They should do more.

Finally, Congress should not regulate or tax the Internet. Net neutrality is a bad idea.


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