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Sell-Off Presents Market Opportunities

The S&P fell for the fourth day in a row on Wednesday as investors fearing a rough market ahead ran for the exits. But if you’re among those sellers running for the sidelines, you may be making a big mistake.

For the first time, I feel comfortable enough tell you that Mitt Romney is going to win big. And I firmly believe Mitt Romney is about to usher in a new era — a Reagan-like, economic-growth revolution.

His tax-reform plan alone will drive the economy into tremendous prosperity. For example, a married couple earning $143,000 whose tax rate under Romney drops from 25 to 20 percent will keep roughly $7,100 more in take-home pay.

I see opportunities galore in the market. Right here and right now.

Why wouldn’t you be out there buying energy? Romney is pro energy. He supports coal and fracking. I’d also buy industrials. Romney is going to lower tax rates. I’d also buy health care. Romney will end government-run health care.

If you expect the nation to be led by a President Romney next year, all these sectors are very attractive right now. There’s just tremendous potential. I think the stock market is missing this.


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