Kudlow’s Money Politics

Two Shows on Tap Tonight

**Please note that CNBC’s Kudlow & Company will be hosting a 2-hour special this afternoon and evening beginning at 4pm EST**

The first half:

CNBC’s Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood will start us off with the latest from Washington. We’ll follow the Harwood update with a look at Ford’s economic legacy with the following guests:

*President Ford & the economy…

*John Rutledge, chairman of Rutledge Capital

*Gary Gensler, former Undersecretary of the Treasury

*James Pethokoukis, senior writer at U.S. News & World Report

A Roundtable with the Historians:

*Allan Lichtman, professor of history at American University

*Guy Vander Jagt, a Ford friend and former GOP congressman from Michigan

*Julian Zelizer, Boston University Professor of History

Ford’s Politics

*E.J. Dionne, columnist for the Washington Post

*John Fund, WSJ OpinionJournal.com columnist


A look at the stock market, economy and the investor class with:

*Art Laffer, president of Laffer Associates

*Don Luskin, CIO of TrendMacro

*Rodgin Cohen, chairman of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

*Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co

*Frank Newport from Gallup will join us in the investor class discussion.

Kudlow’s Stock Club with with Robert Smith, manager of T. Rowe Price Growth Stock fund.

A debate on Iraq between Jed Babbin, former undersecretary of defense and Joseph Cirincione, director of national security policy at the Center for American Progress.

A political debate on the new session of Congress and more between nationally syndicated columnist Deroy Murdoch and Peter Beinart of the The New Republic.


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