Liberal Fascism

Amazon Wars Cont’d

From a reader:

Jonah,I’ve been reviewing on for nearly ten years at various things, and I thought I’d seen everything.  But your book has shown me something new — the fake sock puppet reviewer.  People who set up a phony conservative identity, and then use it to bash conservatives and promote liberals, so as to damn with very, very faint praise rather than attack in reviews that would take down.  Instead of writing, “Die, pig, die!” it’s rather, “I’m a life-long Republican, and usually agree with Rush, Jonah, my pastor, and the Kleagle of my local Klavern, but LIBERAL FASCISM is just a poorly researched, ham-fisted written disappointment.”  Then when you look, you find these people use the same technique to promote liberal books, and hammer conservatives.It’s a variant of something I’ve seen in talk radio — callers who get on the air claiming to be true conservatives with a slight bone to pick, and then let loose with a totally liberal agenda while still claiming to be “true conservatives”….

Ah yes, the Republican who hates Republican seminar Amazon reviewer. We recently discussed a similar phenomenon in the Corner. 


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