Liberal Fascism

Amazon Wars

From a reader:

Jonah,   Dude, seriously, light a fire under your publisher!  You’ve got an top 10 non-fiction best-seller, and it “ships in 3 to 6 weeks”?  That’s gotta be killing sales.   And I continue to be amazed at the liberal book review attack machine — the obvious sock puppets, the incredible number of “first time reviewers”, and the truly bizarre (i.e., the woman who previously had only reviewed albums by 1980′s rock bands, but then bought and read LIBERAL FASCISM?).   Halfway through reading the book now.  Very good.  The nudity is tasteful, and the obligatory sex scenes integral to the plot.

 Me: I know, I know. But here’s the thing. The publishers are rushing a lot more books into print. That Amazon 3-6 weeks thing is a computer generated estimate (or so I’m told) based on the fact that they have none in stock right now. But they will be resupplied, I’ve been assured, this week. So that number will come down. 


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