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Another Nice Email

From a reader:

Just read the reader comments and I have to strongly agree with the

reader who said the ‘everyone know this’ assertion is BS.  I consider

myself well-informed and I hardly knew anything about Wilson except

maybe League of Nations, and very little about FDR except the New Deal

and his lies to get us into WWII.  Blue Eagle? Largest parades in NYC?

Tens of thousands jailed?  I could not believe I was reading these

things and others for the first time in your book.  Another thing I

could never understand was how those in the highest positions of govt

could be so unconcerned with communists at the highest levels of govt.

Now I understand the tremendous sympathies for communists and socialists

in view of the true FDR leanings, they were all peas in a pod.  I also

understand why the left spent so much energy turning history on its

head.  At the age of 43, and being a news hound, I never thought a book

would have such a profound impact on my understanding of the world.  I

have found in my experience (conservative, electrical engineer, and now

patent attorney), that when you see the ‘seamless web’ where things just

naturally flow and fit, that is a good sign you understand things.  You

have filled a large gap in everyone’s understanding, a tremendous

achievement. Thanks.

P.S. I can only imagine how proud your father would be right now.


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