Liberal Fascism

Anti-Climax in Ann Arbor

From a reader:


            NO, no, no – I don’t mean buying the argument! I mean purchasing the book.

            I live in The People’s Republic of Ann Arbor and for several weeks had been looking forward to buying your book. I commute 35 miles to my job in a nice, normal neighborhood and I could have visited the Border’s bookstore there and bought it, but I wanted to make a point of buying it in Ann Arbor.

            To my disappointment, it was an uneventful experience.

             I went to the Border’s downtown – that would be the original Border’s store #1 – and the book was on prominent display with the other new releases. The cover was visible (rather than the spine). I selected one of the two copies on the table and then needed some assistance from a clerk in finding some other books. I made sure that your book was visible to the clerk, but I got no snide comments, no sneers, no reaction whatsoever.

            I sure hope reading the book is more fun that buying it was.


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