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Bethesda Update

From a reader:

Hi Jonah Goldberg, FYI last Tuesday your book was on one of the

ground floor “new books” tables in the Bethesda B&N, close to the

entrance. There were 3 copies there, approximately. Of course, it

wasn’t on the side of the table facing the door… i guess

management concluded your hitler smiley face greeting the denizens

of Bethesda immediately upon entry might cause a ruckus

btw I love all these squirrely poli sci types (e.g. Drezner who i

went to college with) getting all snippy that your book isn’t

“sophisticated” enough. I guess they mean it’s too informative,

interesting and clearly written. Heaven forfend we should have people

other than poli sci PhD’s writing books about politics!

Thanks for the update. That’s too bad about Drezner. I like and respect him. Though I don’t actually know what Drezner has said about me, so maybe he’s got a point.

Update: A buddy of mine sends this:

Hey Jonah. Just caught up on your blog. If your correspondent is

referring to Drezner’s exchange with Henry Farrell on Bloggingheads, I

disagree. From the looks of it, Drezner likes and respects you too,

which is why he appeared so uncomfortable sharing the screen with

high-horse Henry. It’s also why he kept on attempting to change the


Good to hear. When I get a chance, I’ll try to watch the episode in question. In the meantime, I’m recording a Bloggingheads session tomorrow about the book.  


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