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Blue Eagle and Philadelphia Eagles

From a reader:


I’m powering through the book and will try to send more interesting

thoughts and criticism as I can, but I had to write in about that little

trivia about the naming of the Philadelphia Eagles.  That aside solved a

huge mystery for me.  This year, the Eagles celebrated their 75th year

with throwback jerseys from their inaugural that were mysteriously

hideous.  They were blue and tannish/yellowish. What the heck did those

colors have to do with eagles?  Now I know. The blue, which was the main

of the jersey, comes from the Blue Eagle of the NRA.

Thank you for accidently solving that mystery.


(P.S. To suck up, I’ll drop in one quick bit of praise.  I’m very pleased

with how straight forward your prose has been.  There have been very, very

few (only one I can think of involving tinders and such) moments in which

you tried to too get cute or fancy.  It’s so nice to read something that

doesn’t try to get in the way of what it is trying to impart with

distracting writing.)


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