Liberal Fascism

Book Shortage, Cont’d

From a couple readers (I accidentally posted the first one in the Corner):

Jonah,   Got back a little while ago from the University Village Barnes & Noble in Seattle. I searched high and low and didn’t find Liberal Fascism anywhere. (During my search, I discovered they have several copies of Mein Kampf!)   Upon returning home, I went to B&N’s web site and noticed that they have a doohickey that lets you search for book availability in specific stores by zip code. That search confirmed what my eyes had told me: your book isn’t in stock at the store I visited. What’s more, it’s out of stock in most Seattle area B&Ns.   I used the B&N search feature to check availability of the 15 other top sellers (Amazon and B&N rankings), and found that virtually all of them are in stock in practically every store.   I tried several other zip codes and found that while Liberal Fascism is somewhat more available in some areas than it is in Seattle, it’s noticeably more scarce than any of the other best sellers.   Dude, you’re getting screwed, probably by your publisher, but perhaps also by a vast bookstore-manager conspiracy.


Chapters/Indigo/Coles (Canada’s monopoly bookstore) never stocked LF in the stores, and has suspended orders and internet sales. must have sold out as new orders now ship in 1 to 3 months.    You may be dropping off the bestsellers list as the stock is all gone.


Subject: Wal-Mart Searched for your book there and it says “OUT OF STOCK”.  It’s been that way for a couple days now. Just thought you might want to know…it’s got to be a good sign when even Wal-Mart can’t keep ‘em stocked. 


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