Liberal Fascism

C-Span Reax

 From a viewer: 

I just heard the discussion on Cspan. I have but one thing to say, to wit:

Hallelujah, I’m not alone in the wilderness after all.. I’ve been arguing online

for nearly a decade now that Leftist (I categorically refuse to call them

liberals,as I am disinclined to give credit where it is most assuredly not due)

and Fascists is essentially nil.

The left’s tendency to attempt to solve all of humanities various problems with

the blunt trauma of all encompassing, all pervasive government cannot help but

be, by it’s very nature, fascist.

Thank you sir for an excellent book that I will have to add to my reference

library at the first opportunity which may yet be awile as I am a currently

unemployed  machinist.


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