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California Events

Lots of readers wanted to know if there were any open events last week when I was in California. The short answer: Nope.

But I’m going to be back out on the West Coast in a couple weeks. I’ll mosly be in Southern California. I don’t have details yet on what is open to the public, what isn’t, what’s free, what’s not, yet. But I will post it when I get it, which should be soon. Here’s what I do know:

February 18: 11:30am-1:30pmPST            Temecula Republican Women’s Federation

                                                            Avondale Country Club

                                                            Palm Desert, Calif. 92211



February 19:  6:00pm-8:00pmPST        Booksigning Event w/ Tom Del Becarro

                                                                San Francisco


February 20:


Luncheon                                           Republican Women’s Federation luncheon


Evening TBD                                        David Horowitz Freedom Forum Dinner  (tentative)


February 21:

6:00pm-8:00pmPST                          Santa Fe Women’s Federation Dinner


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