Liberal Fascism


Just a miserably busy day. I had two print deadlines and I attended a special White House briefing for conservative journalists by WH Chief of Staff, Josh Bolten.  So I’m sorry for not keeping up. Here are some links for those interested.

Here’s a link to a podcast of a  two-hour discussion I had with Milt Rosenberg. It’s a blur now — I’d been working on no sleep when I did this, but I think it turned out pretty good. Rosenberg knows a lot of this stuff.

Here’s Tim Noah’s take on the book. I haven’t read it yet. But given our history I’m not expecting a rave. I’ll let ya know tomorrow if I have any thoughts in response.

Meanwhile, here is a rave from Fourmilog.

Here’s something less than a rave from Paul Gottfried. More on this later.  

Here’s a podcast of my appearance on last night’s Pundit Review Radio.

Much more book-blogging at Philosophoblog

I somehow missed this piece over at Newsmax.  

I know there were other blog discussions of the book, pro and con. I’ll post those (or at least some of those, I have no obligation to call attention to unadulterated asininity) when I dig ‘em out. Also I’ve gotten a pile of interesting email queries I’m going to try to deal with in the next day or so. I know I told some readers that I’d deal with their questions and still haven’t. I promise it wasn’t because I was ducking anything, it’s just very hard to keep track of all this stuff while staying on top of everything else. 


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