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With my book, The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism, I have personal experience in trying to convince a world whose mind seems to be made up that Catholicism is declining, when in actuality it is not. Because of my experience, I have the utmost respect for Goldberg who tries to convince us that there is such a thing as “Liberal Fascism.” Goldberg takes us through a perilous journey that looks all too real. The teachings of the Church belittled priests and bishops mocked, the faithful laity ridiculed. It sounds a lot like a few cosmopolitan cities in 2008. However, Goldberg shows us this was well under way in some European cities in 1938. Like 1938 it seems that in 2008 the world looks on and pretends that attacks on the faithful and those nations who would do us harm are simply misunderstood. Goldberg shows us that in 1938 the purveyors of hate and terror were not misunderstood, but rather underestimated. Suddenly 2008 and 1938 don’t seem so far apart.

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