Liberal Fascism

That Chicago Reader Review

I’ve gotten a bunch of email like this:

Dude –

That Reader review was amazing – that is not a negative review in any sense, if you know the Reader. I love the Reader, but you have to know up front that it typically makes the Village Voice seem sadly passive.

That was about as close to a rave as I’ve ever seen – if they didn’t have something negative to say about something, they’d never review it! Believe me, if they wanted to eviscerate you, they’d’ve done so gleefully. The reviewer gets snarky and dismissive at the end, but that’s de rigeur for the Reader. The first three paragraphs essentially negate the last three – while he concludes that he doesn’t like the “modern liberal=fascist” part of your book, he concedes and expends the point with the whole bumper-sticker riff he starts the review off with.

This is as close as you’ll ever get to feeling the love from a progressive free paper – enjoy it!


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