Liberal Fascism

Children Are the Future

From a blogger who wishes to remain anonymous:

Hey Jonah:   [Name withheld] here with a story – not for blogging, unless you want to do so anonymously (I want to protect my daughter’s privacy), but I thought it would amuse you.   My daughter is 16. She came home from gallavanting around the other day and told me about a book she’d seen in a bookstore. She’d stood there in the store reading it, and “I really liked it – it was funny and interesting” – but she couldn’t remember the title. She described the cover. I said, “I know what that is.” “Really?” She said, amazed at my powers. “Sure,” I said. “I’ll get it for you if you want to read it.”  “REALLY?” She said, amazed again – although I hasten to add that I’m really not that cheap.   So I ordered it from Amazon, it came today. I told her the book had arrived and she ran off to her room with it, squealing with glee.   The book?   LIberal Fascism.   That Hitler Happy Face was a canny way to grab the Teen demographic!    

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