Liberal Fascism

Courier-Journal Reviews LF

An excerpt (from a very short review):

Somebody, somewhere, must have called National Review contributing editor and Los Angeles Times columnist Jonah Goldberg, a “fascist.” Having had at least one similar experience myself, I have found the most effective retort to be, “Define fascism.”

The conversation then abruptly ends. Goldberg has taken a different tack. Instead of ending the conversation, he has written a brilliant book, Liberal Fascism, defining it: “Fascism is a religion of the state.”

Goldberg takes us on a highly readable philosophical tour of fascistic thought, told from the perspective of the leaders who implemented fascism: Mussolini, Hitler, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. In a mere 405 pages, (along with 50 pages of meticulous end notes), we learn how they came to see fascism as a way of improving the condition of man, the creation of a new heaven on earth.



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