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In Defense of Calvinism

From a reader:

As the resident Calvinist guy reading LF and the Corner, may I offer an objection to what I perceive as emailers throwing out flippant characterizations of this mainstream form of Christianity. Take this quote: “deterministic Calvinism, materialism, Marxism” from your reader in Prague. Now, our heritage is littered by Calvinists, such as the founders of Princeton and Yale, Jonathan Edwards, Roger Williams, etc. But also, Europe as well—Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, Cromwell (do I want to claim him?). And this business about Calvinism being “deterministic.” Well, the idea that God determines things, and but for God decreeing or permitting something it can’t happen is not a mere pillar of Calvinism but is common to all monotheism. And even if it wasn’t, people shouldn’t toss Calvinism in with materialism and Marxism. Sheesh.


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