Liberal Fascism


From a reader:

Jonah,   It seems to me you’re a bit dishonest in your response to Sean’s point #3. He quotes you as saying, “You don’t have conservative groups talking about what kind of condoms you should use or what positions you can be in.” He then goes on to add, “On the other hand, conservative groups, particularly religious ones, have traditionally supported laws like the anti-sodomy law that was ruled unconstitutional in Lawrence v. Texas.”   You respond by talking about the “Nanny State” and subsidiarity and defending anti-sodomy laws as “probably constitutional,” but never respond to the plain fact of his objection: Anti-sodomy laws, many supported by conservative groups (which you tacitly concede by stating a common conservative argument about them), do precisely what you said we don’t have conservative groups doing — “talking about…what positions you can be in.”   Talk about prestidigitation.

Me: Why can’t it just have been an oversight on my part? Why call it dishonest. Anyway, I’ll add a fuller response to this point later today. I’ve got to file a column and get ready for my talk today.  


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