Liberal Fascism

Dr. Hayek I Presume

From a reader:

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

Liberal Fascism is a wonderful book, very necessary, very on target.  Hats off to your for your splendid work.

There is one additional point that I think could be made in response to some of your liberal commenters, retgarding the continuum that is represented by contemporary liberalism – progressivism – leftism – and fascism.

What links these movements is more than the fact that they share many of the same issues and are founded on many of the same basic ideas.

The link between liberalism and fascism is the coercive nature of all social orders that are not based on a free market.

This is of course Professor Hayek’s crucial observation.

Any social order that is not founded on a free market, inevitably involves coercion.

The more that social order is threatened by the unwillingness of indviduals to comply with its instructions, the more coercive it will become.

Thus it is really a very easy path from liberalism to totalitarian tyranny.  It can be accomplished perhaps more easily by a thousand tiny steps than by a social revolution.

Again, congratulations on reaching a wide public with a very important message.


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