Liberal Fascism

The Economist “Reviews” LF

What a craptacularly lame three paragraph “review.” I can’t find it on the web, but basically it’s a weird lament that the book is America’s “biggest selling political book.” The argument of the book is called “odd” and that’s about it for substance. The rest is a bleat about the old Hillary subtitle which inaccurately speculates about why it was pulled. Anyway, it’s impossible to know who reviewed it, but it’s worth remembering that  The Economist has rarely missed an opportunity to piss on NR ever since  Ramesh’s review of Right Nation, and that the Lexington columnist for the Economist attacked the book — again for the subtitle — something like a year before it came out. I just think it’s odd, to use their word, that the book editors at a magazine like the Economist couldn’t bring any more insight or brainpower to the “biggest selling political book” in America beyond this dyspeptic belch.


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