Liberal Fascism

Essentialism Cont’d

From a friend and former research assistant:

Good interview in Salon. I think you understate left-wing

racism/nationalism. As you know, the problem goes well beyond the

regimes you mention. It encompasses the whole of the Bandung

generation, not to mention the western academic left which has

attempted to import such sordid provincialism into the domestic

“multicultural” landscape, and, of course, the naive “liberals” who

have welcomed such a Trojan horse with open arms. For the Neiwarts of

the world, the political spectrum, in Europe, America — anywhere on

the globe –  is defined very simply: If you are a white

nationalist/socialist, you are a fascist. If you are a non-white

nationalist/socialist, you are a “postcolonial leader,” “progressive,”

“liberal,” “humanitarian,” “anti-imperialist,” or, at worst, someone

good people (i.e. leftists and “liberals”) can tolerate. This, of

course, bolsters your argument about the racial essentialism of the

left. After all, if the leftist understanding of the political

spectrum is so defined by race, then it follows leftist politics is as


Keep it up Jonah!

What he said. 


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