Liberal Fascism

F-Spotting, Field of Dreams

From a reader:

There’s the scene at the school board meeting where one woman wants to ban Terrance Mann books from the curriculum and Kevin Costner’s wife goes on about what a great voice of non-violence and tolerance Mann was in the ’60s and how he should be allowed to be read etc etc. 

Anyway, she ends up calling the other woman (who is an incredible caricature of a conservative, small-town, borderline retarded person) a “Nazi cow” and later brags to her husband that “I just halted the spread of neofascism in America.” 

The real “oooooooh” moment happens when the conservative woman protests that she “experience the ’60s” (I guess it’s a credibility issue) and Costner’s wife retorts “No, you had two ’60s and moved right into the ’70s.”  I think that’s when the audience is supposed to know this other woman is toast.

If you can find a transcript of this whole exchange or better yet a YouTube it is loaded with left-wing sanctimony. 

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