Liberal Fascism

Gun Rights & LF

 From a reader:

 Mr. Goldberg,   I have written to you before.  I have just finished your tour de force book Liberal Fascism (spelling?).  I’ll have more to say, but just wanted to tell you that there is a lot of discussion, favorable, on a number of gun blogs I read from time to time.  You may not appreciate this, and you may find it distasteful (I don’t know) but a lot of the “people of the gun” are at heart strict constructionists of the classical liberal stripe.  Most view guns as a piece with the other natural rights of man.  Many also view gun rights as the canary in the coal mine, that is, when gun rights are no longer respected, the rest of the rights will soon not be respected either.  History has already given us many examples of military thugs knocking in the doors and taking people away.  Unlike Mr. Tomasky, I do not know what will stop them now either, unless we have some sort of ultimate defense.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know your book has given us all a great deal of ammunition to debate those who want to replace God with the state.


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