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From His Lips…

From a reader:



I have a theory about the shortage of your book. Your publisher probably looked at the track record of recent conservative books and assumed that sales of your book would follow the trend of declining sales.



Why were they so wrong? Some of the first conservative books (e.g. Limbaugh’s first book) sold simply because of the novelty aspect. Publishers had blacklisted conservative authors for so long that many of us were giddy just to see our ideas in print. When the novelty wore off, many of us noticed that most of the books coming out seemed to be, shall we say, insubstantial. Many of them were just extended newspaper columns or radio monologues. Some were just rants saying that liberals were bad, blah, blah. I don’t need to spend $24.95 to know that. Now that the blacklist has been breached, it is time for conservatives to put more time and thought into the books they publish.



Well, that is exactly what you have done. It is giddy time again. To tell you the truth, I bought your book on Amazon mainly because I wanted it to rise on the list and annoy liberals. When I got it, though, I was simply entranced. When I spend my time reading, I want to learn something. In your book, I learn something on every page. It is simply superb. I have read many of the mixed to negative reviews and I am baffled by many of them. They seem either to have not read the book at all or to have gotten picky to the point of absurdity.



I predict that your book will sell well for an extended period. It is substantial, well-researched, and well-argued. It is one of those few books that redefine the debate and enter the canon. Congratulations.


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