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I’ve been so incredibly swamped since the von Brunn shooting I haven’t had a chance to post a few things on Hitler and Christianity that I think are relevant given all of the “he’s a rightwinger talk.” Remember von Brunn subscribes to the view that Christianity was a Jewish conspiracy against European-Pagan vigor. This email reminded me:

Dear Jonah:

The current issue of MILITARY HISTORY QUARTERLY (summer 2009)includes an article by John H. Osborne Jr. entitled “Greek Trajedy” It is a short history of Mussolini’s botched invasion of Greece which drew in the British to keep out the Germans in one of Churchill’s Mediterranean side-shows. The British were then promptly ejected by the Nazis who took all the credit for the victory because they had essentially no help from the incompetent Italians This WWII theatre of operation is largely forgotten although it devasted Greece.

The LF nature of the following passage — which quotes Goebbel’s diaries (?) — struck me so I wanted to share for purposes of your research notes in case you never have seen this before. It describes Hitler on the occasion of the German victory over the Greek army.

’While Mussolini had raged and moaned, Hitler’s enjoyment at Churchill’s new Greek travails was marred by regret over having to devastate the country. “Athens and Rome are his meccas,” his ranking diarist, Josef Goebbels, wrote. “The Fueher is a man totally attuned to antiquity. He hates Christianity, because it has crippled all that is noble in humanity …. What a difference between the benevolent, smiling Zeus and the pain-wracked, crucified Christ …. What a difference between a gloomy cathedral and a light airy ancient temple.” ‘ page 86 (ellipses in original passage in MHQ).

Right, but Nazis were Christianists and Christianists are Nazis.

Remember this from Jesse Jackson: “In South Africa, we call it apartheid. In Nazi Germany, we’d call it fascism. Here in the United States, we call it conservatism.” Or his statement that the Christian Coalition was a “strong force” in Nazi Germany?

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