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Hudson & LF

From a reader:

For some time now, I have taken to checking bookstores anywhere I go to

see what is displayed and what is being hidden.  On a recent business

trip to DFW airport, I confirm that the bookstore in the terminal had no

copies of Liberal Fascism.  They had a nice rack of top 20 Hudson News

sellers including the Glenn Beck book.  Of course, if you don’t sell it,

it can’t be a Hudson News Best Seller!

My associate said when he went to Books A Million in Huntsville (Airport

Road) they told him that they could order it.  When asked why as a NYT

#1 best seller it was not being stocked, they responded that they didn’t

think there would be much interest in it in this area (If not Alabama,

then where?).  My friend has a personal interest as he is an author

about to have his first novel published (Young Adult Historical


Me: This is not surprising, it is annoying. Hudson books — which owns most airport bookstores  has not carried this book at all, from what I can tell. It debuted at 10 on the NYT list and was 1 last week. It’s two this week and will be 3 this Sunday. It was #1 on Amazon and has been on countless other bestseller lists. But Hudson books has been unable or unwilling to stock the book for more than two months. I don’t know how many sales I’ve lost because of this, but as a matter of principle alone, this is somewhere between vexatious and infuriating.


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