Liberal Fascism

If Only I Made Myself Clear

From a reader:


Having myself finished Liberal Fascism; I’ve been trying to figure out how so many of your critics can continue to insist that you are slandering liberals as being a bunch of genocidal militarists.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it may stem from a lack of passages explicitly stating that liberals aren’t Nazis:

“This doesn’t mean [liberalism] is the same as Nazism.” P.2

“Now, I am not saying that all liberals are fascists. Nor am I saying that to believe in socialized medicine or smoking bans is evidence that you are a crypto-Nazi.” P.8

“But that does not mean I am calling liberals Nazis.” P.16

“So, no, I do not think liberals are evil, villainous, or bigoted in the sense that typical Nazi comparisons suggest.” P.17

“My point isn’t that the left is embracing Hitlerite anti-Semitism.” P.18

“Today’s liberalism doesn’t seek to conquer the world by force of arms. It is not a nationalist and genocidal project. To the contrary, it is an ideology of good intentions.” P.22

Only six times in the first 23 pages?! Seriously dude, you may want to consider tempering your message a little bit…




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