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It Burns! It Burns!

I don’t read much of the nonsense in the comment sections at various leftwing sites. But this reader did:

Was surfing around the interwebs and thought I’d have to see some of the reactions to your book hitting the NY bestseller list of those that most hate you. (lines divide the comments)

From the painfully unfunny “Sadly No!” site (commentators):

I’m trying to find any bright spot to Jonah’s catbox liner being #1 on NYT bestseller and it just isn’t coming. I suppose it means the bar on history writing has dropped so low that you don’t even need access to a library or Wikipedia to write a best-seller. Nope, not making me feel better.

On the other hand, it’s called “an alternative history” a name usually reserved for speculative fiction. Hmmm, maybe it’s some kind of ultra-Nabokov, unreliable narrator fiction written about a world were the quality of political writing and historical thought has dropped so low that blatantly stupid arguments pass as serious. Nope, still not working.

I can’t even joke about his book rising to number one on the non-fiction list. Yes, the book clubs are buying copies at a steep discount. Yes, Americans read less and less, so the sales probably aren’t as strong as Scott Adams’ first “Dilbert” tome.

But, uninformed people might actually believe some of the irrational, illogical and downright fanciful stuff in the Pantload’s book. When they could be buying Jeremy Scahill’s book, or Glenn Greenwald’s or John Dean’s.

Checking out the comments on the TNR review of you.

Excellent review sir. I was also intrigued by Goldberg’s quote “the promise of American life will be frittered away for a bag of magic beans called security.” Isn’t that precisely what the neoconservative authoritarians are attempting to do right now? In exchange for security, American’s are being told (or not told) by the Bush Administration (and all of their mouthpieces) that we will need to relinquish some of our personal liberties and privacy rights in order to maintain our……security.

(man, they just can’t seem to figure out that Republican != conservative, can they? Can you write a column on why the Left has such a problem with this easy distinction.)

I’ve also been seeing lots of liberals “weeping” that a “reputable” publishing house picked up your book. (I think they were hoping for one more easy way to attack you like…)

I had assumed that Regnery Publishers produced Goldberg’s monstrosity, Richard Mellon Scaife’s outfit that brought us “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” and Michell Malkin’s ranting about how wonderful it was to intern Japanese Americans during World War Two. But I was saddened to see that a reputable publishing house produced Goldberg’s “Cleveland Steamer.”

I don’t usually go in for book burning, being a good “liberal” and all. But with Goldberg’s book I’ll make an exception. (Call me a “liberal fascist.”)

And this is just…

His book would have made much more sense if he had tried to compare modern “progressivism” with communistic ideals. The argument would have just been laughable instead of infuriating.

What’s really funny is seeing so many people bashing you for being “always factually wrong” but then one of them says:

The way, up until now, Jonah Goldberg’s claim to fame was lifting a line from The Simpsons, “cheese eating surrender monkeys,” and applying it to anyone who didn’t want to fight Iraq. (And by “fight” Goldberg meant, “send somebody else.”)

(which… is of course… factually untrue)

I do love this comment:

So Teddy Roosevelt in Goldberg’s mind was a fascist?

(well yeah… you make that point)

And most ironic post I’ve found?

Yeah, that’s real smart. Liberals Joe Stalin and FDR were really fans of Mussolini and Hitler. So when we beat Mussolini it was just some horrible error because he was really FDR and Truman’s favorite butt boy.

Always remember, Jonah is a bathroom rat. When you see it, just stomp on its face until it stops wiggling. It’s a public service and you will be rewarded.

I wonder if he/she would be wearing a jackboot while they did that. 😉

BTW, dumbest post I’ve seen?

–Conservative mode ON–

The NYT is a lyin’-ass librul rag that’s not fit to line catboxes or parakeet cages.

Yay! Jonah’s book is #1 on the NYT bestseller list!

(head explodes)

–Conservative mode OFF–

Ugh I’m through for now, too worn out.

Best Jonah,

[Name withheld]


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