Liberal Fascism

It’s Always Something

From a listener:

Dear Jonah,

So I purchased the audio version of LF from iTunes for my ipod.

I enthusiastically rammed and twisted into my ears my ear buds.

First the left ear and then the right.

I, ritually, opened and closed my mouth until the ear buds sat comfortably in their appropriate spots.

As I navigated my ipod Touch, making sure not to touch the wrong screen icon with my over sized (fat) fingers, I get to the much anticipated titled, Liberal Fascism.

I carefully but quickly jabbed the title name using my nickel sized finger tip.

Anxiously, I stabbed at the “play” icon in the same way so not to accidentally navigate forward or backwards in chapters.


I settle in for my listening enjoyment to the much anticipated audio version of a much anticipated book I’ve heard so much about, and whose voice do I hear piercing my skull?



That’s right; The narrators voice sounds a lot like Charlie Sheen.

So while listening to this intellectual masterpiece visions of Sheen’s movie roles are flashing through my mind.

It’s a minor distraction, but a distraction, nonetheless.

While not picturing Richard “Dick” Brewer, Sheen’s character in Young Guns reading to me. I have learned a lot already and look forward to listening to the rest.



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