Liberal Fascism

Leftist Whine From Sour Grapes

From a reader:

I heard this on public radio the other night and could not believe someone could be as dumb as this German guy. He clearly has not read “Road to Serfdon”  (or even been to one of the Lord of the Rings movies), or else he would realize that centralizing power in the state can lead to megalomaniac leaders and a loss of control.  In the pursuit of Utopia they end up flushing away a pretty good here and now.    “The World’s Lorne Matalon profiles Heinz Dieterich. He’s a German leftist intellectual based in Mexico City who struck up a friendship with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Dieterich’s ideology helped inspire Chavez years ago. Now Dieterich is critical of the Venezuelan president for refusing to listen to anybody who disagrees with him.”


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