Liberal Fascism

Let the God of Recycling Be God

From a reader:

Attended the Arkansas Political Science Association meeting last night.  Was

at a dinner and they had the mayor of Fayetteville, AR, Dan Coody as the

keynote speaker.  He babbled on for a long time about sustainability and how

he attended a meeting with Wal-Mart and a big-time Wal-Mart exec got up in

front of a host of their suppliers and told them that if they didn’t get in

line with ‘sustainability’ (aka. Progressive environmentalism) that they

wouldn’t be supplying Wal-Mart (making the Left’s often monolithic view of

corporations as right-wing ideologues so much bunk). 

Anyway, the revealing

moment of the speech was where he said (paraphrase):  “The days of allowing

people to think they have the right to waste however much they want are on

their way out.  That belief has to go.”  Oh, and he continually referred to

trying to get a more “progressive” view to the environment adopted

nation-wide.  All I could think to myself was that here is Liberal Fascism

in action. 

[Name withheld]

(oh, and no surprise that he felt like he was in a room

of fellow travelers, it being an academic conference.  Hell, for the most

part, that assumption was dead on)



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