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LF & Borders

It certainly seems like there’s some truth to this. There are many exceptions, but generally Borders seems to have a much “harder” time carrying my book at all or as a bestseller:


Even though I had no difficulty whatsoever finding LF at an Omaha Barnes & Noble, since my purchase I have kept an eye out, and I have to confirm what other readers are reporting:  Borders seems to be doing its utmost to keep the book off its shelves.  Their corporate color is red.  Coincidence?

It is infuriating to me that some major book retailers have apparently taken it upon themselves to suppress a New York Times bestseller.  My thought experiment?

  • Try to imagine what Iglesias would be writing if retailers were refusing to carry God Is Not Great.
  • Try to imagine what Alterman would be writing if retailers were refusing to carry The Politics of Truth.
  • Try to imagine what Sullivan would be writing if retailers were refusing to carry The Assault on Reason.

Do you suppose that in any of the above scenarios the MSM would have been silent on the matter?  Me either.  I should also mention that Borders’ problem is apparently with your book specifically, not conservative books in general.  On my last visit to my usual Omaha branch, I found Thomas Sowell’s Economic Facts and Fallacies prominently displayed (and bought a copy).  The time before that (back in late January) I found multiple copies of WFB’s Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription.

Perhaps it is because leftists consider your book particularly dangerous.   Here’s an idea:  Since Harlan Ellison never got around to publishing The Last Dangerous Visions, maybe you could borrow the title for the paperback edition of LF.  Liberal Fascism: The Last Dangerous Vision.  And I assume, of course, that the PB edition will contain a new forward addressing the shameless behavior of some book retailers…


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