Liberal Fascism

LF: The British Invasion

Excellent news, the book’s definitely hopped the pond (thanks to Dominic Hilton (first round’s on me)). Again, I would so love to have an event (on someone else’s hopefully generous dime) for the book over there. I don’t know what the deal is regarding a British release. But this has got to help. From The Telegraph:

A new political label is circulating in America: “liberal fascist”. It’s a term of abuse, of course, but jolly useful: under Gordon Brown, Britain is absolutely crawling with people who fit the description.

In his book Liberal Fascism, the American author Jonah Goldberg argues that control-freak fascism is reconnecting with its Leftist roots via the likes of Hillary Clinton. And, as Dominic Hilton suggests in a recent review, the same thing is happening here. “Picture the uniformed traffic warden who gleefully issues you a parking ticket saying she is just ‘following orders’,” he writes.

“Think of the procedural jobsworth at the local council getting off on his bureaucratic box-ticking. Look at those nauseating Safety Nazis and their booster-seat laws, child-proof bottle-caps, and endless ‘campaigns’ to ban this or regulate that. These politically correct people may well be fascists, but they’re not Right-wing.”

I’m well aware that flinging around the word “fascist” is traditionally the mark of juvenile political discourse – real student union stuff. But Goldberg, who is editor of National Review Online and has his own Liberal Fascism blog, is making a fascinating point: that the relationship between fascism and socialism explains the pathological control-freakery of today’s Lefties.


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