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LF Explains Little Rascals

From a reader:


Reading LF this morning over breakfast you answered what has been a 

mystery since my childhood.  As a kid I used to watch The Little 

Rascals, and I always wondered about the Our Gang reaction to 

surreptitious looking men in trench coats and fedoras, which was 

always something along the line of “ooooohhh, are you a G-man?”  In 

other episodes when they wanted to intimidate adults they would dress 

up as a “G-man,” with one boy on another’s shoulders and covered in a 

trench coat.  What the hell were these G-men, I wondered.  Why were 

they dressed in spy-garb? Who were these G-men that apparently lurked 

the streets of America under cover?  Cripes, now I know.


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