Liberal Fascism

LF as Sword and Shield

From a reader in Canada:


Finally found a copy of LF at my local Chapters bookstore (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) but it was the last copy. I did inform the desk staff that more were needed as I had friends looking for it.

I work at a fairly intellectually rigorous day job so often have trouble reading academic literature due to, well, it’s boring most of the time. But I have to say that I read the first 250 pages of LF last night and between contemplative pauses found myself still awake at 3 am, oops.

The last political/history book I read with such enthusiasm was by Paul Johnson – Modern Times. That’s the best compliment I can give.

Here’s a quick anecdote I thought you would enjoy. I was discussing with a left wing colleague the basics of LF and he scoffed and said “Bush is the fascist”. I used you advise and asked him to define fascism to which he replied “whatever Bush is that’s a fascist”. That is the depth of the debate over my lifetime but now I have LF as a sword and shield against such silliness.

First: Heh. Second, thanks for the very kind words. Third: starting tomorrow, the National Post is going to run a four-part excerpt from the book. That should generate some interesting email.


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