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LF As Wolfsbane Cont’d

From a reader:


I saw your post about the guy getting kicked out of an ice cream parlor for having your book. I had just the opposite experience with your book. I drove the liberal out of the restaurant.

I was on a girlfriend furlough this Saturday morning so I grabbed breakfast at a local diner with your book. It’s worth noting that I live in the People’s Republic of Santa Barbara and my home and this diner where a mere block from organic farmer’s market. I was finishing up the last couple chapters while eating my eggs and a nice elderly man asked if I owed a dog. He noticed the dust jacket was removed and the corner of the book was chewed up by my beagle. He has a chew-happy dog, too, it seems. I didn’t have the heart to tell him my beagle’s name is Reagan. Anyhoo… he then asked what the book was and I turned it over so he could see the title on the spine. Without a word, he got red in the face and stormed out of the place.

I thought I was buying some reading material but it’s also a tool for exorcizing public places of huffy liberals. You really ought to charge more for that book!  




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