Liberal Fascism

Mispeaking Cont’d

From a reader:

Jonah – I’m over two hundred pages in now, but I think what you said several chapters back was that Mussolini’s support for the war led some to assert that he was of the right, which, after he founded the Fascist party, allowed the further assertion that fascism was of the right as well.  So, assuming this is an accurate recollection and re-phrasing of your argument on my part, the line they are hammering on would seem to be just an unfortunate extemporaneous juxtaposition on yours.  I caught the last forty-five minutes or so of your CSPAN gig, and thought it inspired.

I noticed you mentioned Mencken early on.  His writing has always fascinated me and I am wondering if he will reappear and where he stood in the whole right/left/liberal/fascist tangle.  His love of things German (and Italian, as I recall) must have come back to bite him by WWII. 

Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the book so far, and how much it has already shaded my feelings toward my company’s recent year-and-a-half-long holiday at the hands of the greens.  We were what is wrong with the natural world, a climate crisis in the flesh.  The judge, fortunately, didn’t buy into their dishonest hysteria, but it could have gone the other way in, say, the ninth circuit. You are more “right” than you know


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