Liberal Fascism

The Mitfords, Mosley & Steyn

One of the richest resources for my argument is Oswald Mosley and his British Union of Fascists. But I made the conscious effort not to go fishing for convenient fascist movements most readers had never heard of. As I’ve told people who wanted me to deal with the Blue Shirts of China or Mosley’s Silver Shirts, “I don’t do shirts.” Still, I think it might be interesting to revisit Mosley and his crowd here in the days to come. Several of NR’s best contributors know a great deal about this stuff, starting with David Pryce-Jones (who wrote a book about Unity Mitford, the Hitler-worshipping sister of Oswald Mosley’s wife, Diana) and Mark Steyn who could write a book about the Mitfords. Anyway, we can come back to all that later. For now, I thought you might enjoy this piece by Mark Steyn on the Mitfords and much else (my book is briefly mentioned).


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