Liberal Fascism

More Car Chases

From a reader:

From a reader:

Jonah, I finished your book last night, and I must say I pretty much enjoyed it. I think the book has opened my eyes regarding fascism. The idea that we couldn’t be too critical of Communism and American lovers of Communism, because after all, the Nazis were right wing, will hopefully begin to pass away.  I really enjoyed the biographical sections, and would be one to encourage you to maybe someday write a biography. I can’t stress that enough. When it was clear you were about go into one of these sections I perked up and knew I was about to learn something new about a past figure. Usually a past figure I thought I already knew from school and the History Channel. Funny the things that get left out.  The only things I would have added are maybe a couple car chases (people love a good car chase). And maybe a big mind-blowing twist at the end. “How do I know so much about fascism, you may wonder? Because Mussolini was my grandfather!!!” That would have been awesome. I know, that stuff isn’t historically accurate, but if people are going to dismiss you immediately for not being an academic, you might as well have a little fun. In all seriousness, don’t make us wait another five years for another book!


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