Liberal Fascism

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From a reader:


At the Borders near where I live (NJ), they had one copy of your book 

for sale.  Back of the store by the children’s books.

At the Borders near work (Broadway near Wall St.) they had two copies 

for sale.  They were located on the third floor by the religion section.

Liberal Fascism, QED.


Just got off the phone with the B&N store near Westheimer and Voss in Houston – they told me that they had not been able to keep the book in the store, but that now they have a good supply.  They offered to hold one behind the counter for me anyway, as it seems it is flying off the shelves.  I told the woman that I was very curious to determine whether or not it was just a right-wing polemic, or whether it was actually good history, given some of the reviews.  She said “oh, it is very well documented” – she said that she had not gotten a chance to read the whole book yet, but that what she had read was quite good.


Going over this p.m. to pick it up and am so looking forward to reading it.


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